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Download Wrestling Revolution 3D and Create Your Own Wrestling Star and Career

Wrestling Revolution 3D: How to Download and Play the Best Mobile Wrestling Game

If you are a fan of wrestling and want to experience the thrill of being in the ring, then you should try Wrestling Revolution 3D. This is a mobile game that lets you create your own wrestler, choose your career mode, and fight against other wrestlers in various matches. In this article, we will tell you what Wrestling Revolution 3D is, how to download it from the Google Play Store, why you should play it, and some tips and tricks to help you become a champion.

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What is Wrestling Revolution 3D?

Wrestling Revolution 3D is a wrestling game developed by MDickie, a indie game developer who is known for creating games with unique graphics and gameplay. Wrestling Revolution 3D is one of his most popular games, with over 60 million downloads and a 4.1 star rating on the Google Play Store. The game features both aspects of the wrestling business: a wrestling career mode where you can take shots in the ring, and a booking career mode where you can call the shots backstage and promote entertaining matches every week for ratings. You can also customize your wrestler's appearance, skills, moves, and attire, as well as the arena, the rules, and the weapons. The game has a versatile animation system that means that anything could happen at any moment, with as many wrestlers in the ring as your device can handle.

Features and gameplay of Wrestling Revolution 3D

Some of the features and gameplay elements of Wrestling Revolution 3D are:

  • You can choose from over 350 characters across 9 rosters, or create your own wrestler with different attributes and styles.

  • You can play in different match types, such as singles, tag team, cage, ladder, royal rumble, hardcore, and more.

  • You can use various weapons, such as chairs, tables, ladders, bats, guitars, and even fire. You can also set fire to a handheld weapon by pressing the R (Run) and P (Pick-Up) buttons simultaneously next to one on the ground.

  • You can interact with the crowd, the referee, and your opponents with different gestures and taunts. You can also change your focus or turn your opponent around by touching the eye icon.

  • You can play in different modes, such as exhibition, career, training, supercards, or backstage pass. Each mode has its own challenges and rewards.

  • You can control your wrestler with different buttons or touch controls. You can also use Android controllers such as NVidia Shield 2k or MOGA Pro ("B" Mode).

  • You can adjust the performance of the game by changing the options in the menu. You can reduce the number of characters, the polygons, the ropes, the shadows, and the crowd sprites to improve the speed and smoothness of the game.

How to download Wrestling Revolution 3D from the Google Play Store

To download Wrestling Revolution 3D from the Google Play Store, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.

  • Search for "Wrestling Revolution 3D" in the search bar.

  • Select the game from the list of results. It should have a logo of a wrestler wearing a mask and holding a belt.

  • Tap on "Install" to start downloading the game. The game is free to download but contains ads and in-app purchases.

Wait for the download to you need to follow the steps we mentioned above. You should also check out some of the tips and tricks we shared to help you improve your skills and enjoy the game more. Wrestling Revolution 3D is a game that will keep you entertained and challenged for hours. If you are a wrestling fan, you should definitely give it a try.

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Wrestling Revolution 3D:

  • How can I unlock more characters and items in Wrestling Revolution 3D?

You can unlock more characters and items in Wrestling Revolution 3D by playing the career mode and completing certain objectives or achievements. You can also purchase some of them with real money through the in-app store.

  • How can I save my progress in Wrestling Revolution 3D?

You can save your progress in Wrestling Revolution 3D by tapping on the menu button and selecting "Save". You can also enable the auto-save option in the settings to save your progress automatically after each match or event.

  • How can I play Wrestling Revolution 3D with my friends?

You can play Wrestling Revolution 3D with your friends by using the multiplayer mode. You can either join an online match or host your own match with up to 4 players. You can also use the Bluetooth mode to connect with nearby devices.

  • How can I contact the developer of Wrestling Revolution 3D?

You can contact the developer of Wrestling Revolution 3D by visiting his website, Facebook page, Twitter account, or YouTube channel. You can also send him an email at

  • How can I support the development of Wrestling Revolution 3D?

You can support the development of Wrestling Revolution 3D by rating and reviewing the game on the Google Play Store, sharing it with your friends, or making a donation through the in-app store.


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