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We have shown that oral contraceptive pills was the most common method of family planning in western Sudan as well as in the current study [9]. In neighboring Ethiopia Injectable form were the most commonly preferred modern contraceptive (63.2%) followed by oral contraceptive pills (21.2%). Few women (9.5%) reported a preference for the use of condoms [12]. This point (few women preferred condom) is of paramount importance to consider in preventing HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in the setting. The Ethiopian expertise documented that family planning can be integrated into HIV voluntary counseling and testing clinics [13]. In Uganda it has been shown that, expanding family planning services can substantially contribute towards Mother to Child Transmission [14]. However, policy-makers and programme managers should carefully consider the characteristics and reproductive health needs of target populations when making decisions about service integration. Yet, it might be difficult to integrate and expand family planning services into HIV like other African countries because Sudanese women had low incidence of HIV and had poor uptake for HIV testing and counseling [15,16].

Wad Manager 1.9 Wman.wad

European investors were also inspecting Wednesday's flash November PMI (purchasing managers' index) readings from the euro zone, which reaffirmed that the 19-member currency bloc has entered recession, but showed the downturn in business slowing slightly.

Health workers work under extremely difficult conditions. Midwives in a government hospital described working 24-hour shifts, without sleeping or sufficient food, and without access to a private room or changing facility, in teams of 4, each team managing about 45 to 50 births per shift.[92] A midwife in a managerial role said on her 10,000 Afs ($130) a month salary she supports seven family members. When she became ill with Covid-19, she and her immediate family members lacked resources to quarantine anywhere except in a tent outside the home of their extended family, in winter; conditions were so harsh that her infant nephew died.[93] Healthcare workers have had limited access to personal protective equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic, and an online survey of more than 900 healthcare workers found that 85 percent of healthcare workers had tested positive for the virus.[94]


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