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Every A.A. Meeting Is An Assurance (Step 2 continued)

Therefore, Step Two is the rallying point for all of us. Whether agnostic, atheist, or former believer, we can stand together on this Step. True humility and an open mind can lead us to faith, and every A.A. meeting is an assurance that God will restore us to sanity if we rightly relate ourselves to Him.

Every A.A. Meeting is an Assurance (Step 2 continued)

I have been attending meetings now for almost 40 years.I too am disturbed by this emphasis on sponsorship. There seems to be a movement now for everyone to have a sponsor. I have never had an official sponsor, just AA close friends that I can call when I feel the need.This idea of the all knowing sponsor that one has to report to regularly is totally alien to the spirit of AA as I understand it.

I will not get involved in all this back and forth. I will tell you that I listened to an original recording of a talk Bill W. gave at Guest House, a recovery center for alcoholic priests, in Lake Orion, Michigan shortly before his death. I lived in Rochester, about twenty miles away and often attended Rochester meetings with priests in the treatment facility. The recording was made by someone actually present. I have every reason to believe provenance of this tape since the person taping it was a regular attendee at the Sunday night meeting there, and had more than twenty years sobriety at the time. I transcribed it and posted it at my blog -w-at-guest-house/


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