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Canon EOS Digital Photography Photo Workshop {BBS} Fixed

This image was taken in Transylvania in Romania, not far from one of my favourite Natura 2000 sites. Only rarely are there days when this highly respected protected area fails to deliver from a bird photography point of view. However, on such days I know I have a fall-back option, namely an abandoned building where Little Owls have nested for more than a decade.

Canon EOS Digital Photography Photo Workshop {BBS}


David recently led a workshop specifically for photojournalists that focused on best practices for DSLR video shoots. Preparation for this workshop made him consider the lessons he has learned as a cinematographer, and how best to adapt those techniques when shooting video with his latest camera, a Nikon D800.

I will be at Bosque this year for nearly a month. There are a host of affordable educational opportunities on the slate in conjunction with the Festival of the Cranes. There are four early morning in-the-field photography workshops, Thursday through Sunday, NOV 20-23, 2014. Thursday is sold out, there is some room on the Friday and Sunday sessions, and, at last count, lots of room on the Saturday workshop. Denise and I are co-leading.

Join Denise Ippolito and Arthur Morris for two great days of photography, fun, and learning at one of our favorite soul places. We will surely be taking you out of the box on this workshop. Please click on the card to enjoy a larger version.

Do understand that though we will cover a variety of creative techniques and photograph a variety of subjects, when conditions are perfect for traditional bird photography that is exactly what we will be doing.

The Creative Bosque IPT is perfect for folks who want to learn to think outside the box, to create new and different images. This workshop is the perfect add-on for folks who are planning on attending the Festival of the Cranes. Learn to unleash your creative juices at the wondrous Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in San Antonio, New Mexico with two great leaders including the amazingly talented and creative Denise Ippolito. In-the-field instruction will include tips on gear set-up, on creating a variety of pleasing blurs, on getting the right exposure, and on designing pleasing images. And lots more. From vertical pan blurs to subject motion blurs to zoom blurs to multiple exposures we will cover it all. If conditions are perfect, we will not hesitate to take advantage of them to do some traditional bird photography. This workshop will include an inspirational introductory slide program on Sunday evening, 11/23, after dinner on your own, two morning and two afternoon photography sessions, all lunches, a digital workflow and Photoshop session after lunch on Monday, and an image critiquing session after lunch on Tuesday.

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Martin Bailey is amongst the most popular wildlife photographer in the world. His work has been published in various leading magazines and has been included in one of the 30 Most Influential Photographers of The Decade lists. He is also a successful Podcaster and blogger, X-Rite Coloratti member, Phase One Brand Ambassador, and Craft & Vision author who also popular as a tour and workshop leader.

Settled in Seattle, Jon Cornforth is an award-winning wildlife photographer who enjoys challenging himself in new and odd destinations. Along with his successful wildlife photography career he maintains a strong presence in environmental groups and raises awareness through his photography. His Instagram Handle says he photographs in land, underwater, and sky.

From Aosta Valley, Italy, Stefano Unterthiner is reckoned to be one of the best wildlife photographers of all time. Stefano took up photography at the age of 17 and is a Ph.D. in Zoology. He has been one of the important photographers at National Geographic. His work depicts his concern over nature conservation and relationship between man and wildlife. Stefano is also a writer of the book The Night of the Bears, Diary of a Wildlife Photographer in the Finnish Taiga and he has been reckoned as the most awarded Italian photographer of all time at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year with first prize winning in the year 2008, 2011, and 2016.

A wildlife photographer who took up professional photography at an age of 32, Andy Rouse is surely a name everyone recognizes. He is known to donate several of his pictures to wildlife conservation societies. His images are said to be the voice for the species that cannot speak and has made him bag more than 20 photography awards. He has 17 books to his name and for consecutive seven years, he has won prizes in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition which include the Gerald Durrell Award for Endangered Species. He is the holder of the RGS Cherry Kearton award as well. Andy is an avid canon explorer which he says inspire him to continue to innovate and produce good work.

A young wildlife photographer from UK, Will Burrad-Lucas spent part of his childhood in Tanzania and he confesses this is what has drawn his interest into wildlife. Lucas is known to be the founder of a company that specializes in products for remote and camera trap photography; and a website that offers a range of educational resources and safaris for photographers. He is said to have developed his own DSLR camera trap system for photographing shy and nocturnal animals. He is an avid wildlife conservationist who donate his time and images to help wildlife fundraising activities.

From video game nerd to TEDex Speaker on wildlife photography, Mike Cavaroc has come a long way to have been acknowledged as one of the eminent photographers. Born and brought up in a concrete jungle, Mike had a childhood like any other kid living in closed spaces but it was his moving to Texas for college that unveiled for him a world of opportunity in wildlife photography and ever since Mike has not looked back.

Known for its English landscape and time-lapse photography, Kirk Norbury is a celebrated photographer who believes in enjoying the diversity. Kirk also enjoys wildlife photography and has a number of clicks that has earned him a lot of accolades. He runs workshops from time to time and also take out time to pen down some useful blogs on photography.

Another celebrated wildlife photographer in India, Jayanth Sharma took up photography as his full-time career in 2004 and ever since his achievements are in plenty and worth mentioning. Jayanth is a co-founder and CEO of Toehold, a company that believes in depicting rarely seen perspectives from offbeat domains and far corners of the natural world.

An engineer-turned-wildlife photographer, Sudhir Shivaram is known for its brilliant work in Indian wildlife photography. His work has won accolades for their sound technicality and evocative character. Shivaram has also been the brand ambassador for Canon for 8 years and is one of the founding members of the photo-sharing site called India Nature Watch. He widely promotes wildlife conservation and regularly contributes wildlife images for raising awareness.

A celebrated French wildlife photographer, Cyril Ruoso is known for his extensive travelling of 20 years in search of wildlife stories mostly about tropical rainforests. He confesses that his interest in wildlife photography was influenced mainly after the encounter with Borneo Orangutan. Primates have been his focus for decades, and in his last feature he showed macaques diving in the sea and cracking open shells with stone tools. These last few years, amphibians became another obsession of Ruoso and he photographed the biggest frog of the world in Cameroon, and showed common frogs in snow and in icy water in the french Alps. His work has been published in several prestigious magazines like National Geographic US, Terra Mater, Paris Match, Figaro Magazine, Terre Sauvage or BBC Wildlife and has also been the subject of various exhibitions.

A nature loving photographer, Danny Green considers his grandfather to be the major influence and reason behind turning into a wildlife photographer. Danny enjoys photography in United Kingdom and Shetland Isles, he confesses is his favourite destination. In June 2014, Danny got his work published in National Geographic, however, before and after of this achievement his work has been featured widely in publications like RSPB Images, Naturepl and NHPA. He also runs a photography tour agency which specializes in tours in UK and abroad.

David is yet another established wildlife photographer who is from New Zealand but is based in London. His work is won him several awards since the inception 1991. David enjoys black & white photography and uses a fine art style for it. He has confessed that places like Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Botswana, and Richmond Park are some of his favorites for his photography venture.

Michael Aw is named as one of the most influential wildlife photographers in the world by Outdoor Photography. He has bagged more than 65 international awards for his excellent contribution in the field of wildlife photography. Michael is an author, conservationist, and explorer who holds specialization in underwater photography. His work has published widely in BBC Wildlife, National Geographic, the Smithsonian, Nature, Ocean Geographic, Asian Geographic, Nature Focus, Times, Discovery and many more. Michael is an active member of the Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers and a Fellow International of The Explorer Club NY, where the prominent Fellows include Sir Edmund Hillary, Roald Amundsen, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, David Doubilet, Emory Kristof and Sylvia Earle. He is also a founder of OceanNEnvironment, which is a charity organization registered with Environment Australia.

Craig Jones is known for its click-as-you-see-it photography, which construes that there is no use of friendly animals, hot spots, bait and the pre-arranged perches or props as well as digital manipulation but only capturing of images as seen on the ground. Craig believes in responsible photography and endeavours to capture pictures where the object itself expresses its beauty, fascination and grace. Craig runs successful workshops and photo tours.


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