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Pokemon Liquid Crystal Pokedex ((EXCLUSIVE))

Always be aware that some Pokemon liquid crystal cheat codes can cause game freezing and sometimes random crashing. It could also depend on the emulator you are using; save progress before applying cheats.

Pokemon Liquid Crystal Pokedex

If you are curious to explore the orange island in the pokemon game, then i think you are at the right place to download the liquid crystal version. Which have the ability to provide you the access of Orange Island which is one of the most exciting place to visit in any pokemon game. Many new events has been added in the gameplay which makes the game more complex and exciting to play it. And yes, one more thing is that you have to check out the screenshots of the gameplay before installing the game and playing it.

Interesting to note about this game that it have all those exciting features of crystal version as well as some awesome new features which will excite you more. It is like you have a double package in one game, like enjoying the features of crystal version as well as the new features. The pokedex of the game is updated with the addition of some new pokemons. One thing to notice about the pokedex is that there are alot of pokemons which need to be discovered in the hidden area and can be added into the pokedex. These are some of the exciting hidden features of the game.

You will be surprised to know that in the pokemon liquid crystal download zip version you will see the updated kind of graphics. Even walking on each and every map in the area, you will notice that all of the maps has been re-vamped which is one of the amazing feature of the game. The Animations effects in the game are made so awesome and attractive that they can be enjoyed alot during the time of gameplay. Most of these maps has been updated with the addition of some new twists and designs.

The main changes you will note about the liquid crystal rom hack is the battle scenes. All of the battle scenes have be re-designed and re-vamped alot. Pokemon Battle Training is one of the awesome job that you can do as well while making different pokemon train for battles and fights. The Battle Trainers are looking for awesome realistic battle effects which are now available in the game. All the battle scense has been re-designed with the addition of battle scenes from Pokemon Pearl and Diamond ROM Hacks as well.

One special thing to note about the music of the pokemon liquid crystal version which makes the game more unique than any other version of crystal rom. Some nice kind of music peices has been added in the game which makes the game more awesome for all those music and game lovers of pokemon games. The Old Bit type of music is no more in the game which makes it really boring for all the players who are playing the game. Now the Game Developers has done a great job by including the awesome of kind of music tunes.

I'm trying to program a super basic pokedex (yeah from pokemon) from an arduino uno and a 16,2 lcd display but I'm having a bit of trouble with the code. Basically all I'm looking to do is have the lcd screen display one page at a time like this


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