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Play Mahjong Online or Offline on Windows 8 - No Ads, No Registration

Mahjong Game Download for Windows 8

If you are looking for a fun and relaxing way to spend your free time, you might want to try playing mahjong on your Windows 8 device. Mahjong is a classic tile-matching game that can challenge your mind and soothe your senses. In this article, we will show you how to download mahjong games for Windows 8, how to play them, and how to improve your skills. We will also review some of the best and free mahjong games available on the Microsoft Store.

mahjong game download for windows 8

What is Mahjong?

Mahjong is a solitaire matching game that uses a set of mahjong tiles rather than cards. The tiles are usually arranged in a rectangular layout, with some tiles stacked on top of others. The goal is to remove all the tiles from the board by matching pairs of identical tiles that are free, meaning that they have no other tiles on their left or right sides or on top of them.

Mahjong has a long and rich history, dating back to ancient China. It is said that it was invented by Confucius, the famous philosopher, or by a nobleman who was bored in his exile. It was originally played as a four-player game, similar to rummy, but it became popular as a solitaire game in the West in the early 20th century. Today, there are many variations and versions of mahjong, with different rules, tile sets, layouts, and themes.

Why Play Mahjong on Windows 8?

Playing mahjong on Windows 8 has many benefits and features that make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Here are some of them:

  • You can play mahjong anytime and anywhere, as long as you have your Windows 8 device with you. You don't need any physical tiles or boards, or any other players.

  • You can choose from a variety of mahjong games, with different styles, graphics, sounds, and levels of difficulty. You can also customize your own game by changing the tile set, the layout, the background, and other options.

  • You can improve your cognitive skills, such as memory, concentration, logic, and problem-solving. Mahjong is a brain exercise that can stimulate your mind and keep it sharp.

  • You can relax and unwind with mahjong. The game has a soothing effect that can help you reduce stress, anxiety, and boredom. The beautiful visuals and calming sounds can create a peaceful atmosphere that can enhance your mood.

How to Download Mahjong Games for Windows 8

Downloading mahjong games for Windows 8 is very easy and fast. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Microsoft Store app on your Windows 8 device. You can find it on your Start screen or by searching for it on your device.

  • Type "mahjong" in the search box and press Enter. You will see a list of mahjong games that are compatible with Windows 8.

  • Select the mahjong game that you want to download and click on it. You will see the game's details, ratings, reviews, screenshots, and system requirements.

  • Click on the "Get" button to start downloading the game. You may need to sign in with your Microsoft account if you haven't already.

  • Wait for the download and installation to complete. You can see the progress on the game's page or on your Downloads list.

  • Once the game is installed, you can launch it from the Start screen or from your Apps list. Enjoy playing mahjong on your Windows 8 device!

Mahjong Free !

One of the most popular and free mahjong games for Windows 8 is Mahjong Free !. This game offers over 1000 boards, 12 backgrounds, and 8 tile sets. You can also create your own boards with the editor mode. The game has four difficulty levels, from easy to expert, and supports touch, mouse, and keyboard controls. You can also track your statistics, achievements, and leaderboards. Mahjong Free ! is a great game for beginners and experts alike.

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Microsoft Mahjong

Another popular and free mahjong game for Windows 8 is Microsoft Mahjong. This game is developed by Microsoft Studios and features stunning graphics, animations, and sounds. You can choose from four different themes: Classic, Adventure, Enchanted Forest, and Underwater World. The game has three difficulty levels, from easy to hard, and offers daily challenges, badges, and achievements. You can also use the hint and undo functions to help you out. Microsoft Mahjong is a fun and relaxing game that will keep you entertained for hours.

Mahjong Solitaire (Free)

A third popular and free mahjong game for Windows 8 is Mahjong Solitaire (Free). This game has a simple and elegant design that lets you focus on the gameplay. You can choose from over 300 layouts, 6 backgrounds, and 4 tile sets. The game has two difficulty levels, normal and hard, and supports touch, mouse, and keyboard controls. You can also zoom in and out of the board, shuffle the tiles, and save your progress. Mahjong Solitaire (Free) is a classic and addictive game that will challenge your mind.

How to Play Mahjong Games on Windows 8

Playing mahjong games on Windows 8 is very easy and intuitive. You just need to know some basic rules and tips to get started. Here are some of them:

The Basics of Mahjong

The basic rules of mahjong are as follows:

  • The objective of the game is to clear all the tiles from the board by matching pairs of identical tiles that are free.

  • A tile is free if it has no other tiles on its left or right sides or on top of it.

  • You can only match tiles that have the same symbol or category. For example, you can match two bamboo tiles or two dragon tiles, but not a bamboo tile and a dragon tile.

  • You can select a tile by clicking or tapping on it. If it is free, it will be highlighted. Then you can select another tile to match it with. If they are a valid pair, they will be removed from the board.

  • If there are no more valid moves left, you can shuffle the tiles or restart the game.

  • You win the game when you clear all the tiles from the board.

The Different Types of Mahjong Tiles

The standard mahjong tile set consists of 144 tiles divided into four categories: suits, honors, flowers, and seasons. Each category has different symbols and meanings. Here are some of them:


SuitsBamboo (1-9), Characters (1-9), Circles (1-9)The most common tiles that represent numbers or ranks

HonorsWinds (East, South, West, North), Dragons (Red, Green, White)The special tiles that represent directions or elements

FlowersPlum, Orchid, Bamboo, ChrysanthemumThe optional tiles that represent the four noble plants

SeasonsSpring, Summer, Autumn, WinterThe optional tiles that represent the four seasons

The Different Layouts and Themes of Mahjong Games

One of the most interesting aspects of mahjong games is that they can have different layouts and themes that can change the appearance and difficulty of the game. The layout refers to the shape and arrangement of the tiles on the board, while the theme refers to the style and color of the tiles and the background. Here are some examples of layouts and themes:


TurtleClassicThe traditional layout that resembles a turtle shell. It has 144 tiles and 5 layers. It is one of the most common and balanced layouts.

PyramidAdventureA layout that resembles a pyramid. It has 140 tiles and 7 layers. It is a challenging layout that requires careful planning and strategy.



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