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Georgia (ジョージア, Jōjia) is a brand of coffee drinks sold by The Coca-Cola Company. The brand is named after Coca-Cola's home state of Georgia. Launched in 1975, it has since expanded to markets in Singapore, South Korea, India, Bahrain, and the United States of America.

buy georgia coffee japan

Georgia was first launched in 1975 by Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, a Japanese subsidiary of the company. Georgia enjoys the most success in Japan, where it is the highest-grossing coffee beverage - one of many brands of Japanese canned coffee. It is also the highest-grossing beverage by Coca-Cola (Japan) Company. As of 2007, in Japan, Georgia's sales are double the sales of Coca-Cola.[1]

Georgia coffee was introduced in the United States in 2009, where it is almost exclusively sold in Asian grocery stores.[2] In India, Georgia Gold is part of the non-carbonated beverage portfolio of Coca-Cola India.[3] Under this brand, beverages are dispensed from machines, but not in the canned format.The coffee is freshly brewed from roast beans with variants like cappuccino, caffe latte, mochaccino, espresso etc. Other beverages, such as tea or hot chocolate, may also be offered from the same machine. The brand in India also features machines that dispense Iced Tea (Lemon & Peach) and Cold Coffee.

Characters from David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" advertised Georgia coffee in a 4-part commercial series in 1991. In PlayStation Home, the PlayStation 3's online community-based service, Coca-Cola has placed a vending machine in Home that takes users to a space called the "Georgia Break Station". The vending machine also distributes original avatar items and presents, along with "C-pons", digital coupons that can be used to get real drinks from real vending machines. This is to promote Georgia series of canned coffee. The space is a lounge for users to sit and chat with two in-lounge avatars that talk about the Georgia coffee. It was available from September 7, 2009, to December 15, 2009.[citation needed] In 2012, the "Digital Real Campaign" was a collaboration with Crypton Future Media featuring the fictional character Hatsune Miku.[4]

Georgia coffee ship to the states?2007/8/13 05:47 I was in japan for 5 years and I love to drink the georgia original coffee. You know the one in the brown can and I want to know if anybody knows a website I can buy some cans off from? I really want to buy some but I dont know where. Can anybody help? Thank youby Jerry G

One Possibility2007/8/31 10:33 There's a store called in Denver called Pacific Mercantile that has a couple of types of Georgia canned coffee, along with a lot of other Japanese products. They have online ordering. Google them for the URL. (I notice that postings with web addresses sometimes get deleted so I won't put the URL here.)by Umarate this post as useful

COFFEE and Goo drinks2007/10/29 02:48 I live in japan for 2 years and I'm also looking for a way to get Geogia coffe, milk tea and the Goo drinks. Have you had any luck?by Hanrate this post as useful

georgias coffe2007/11/25 12:43 Squidly1 why did coca cola give you a negative feedback about marketing in usa. if anything i think they would do very good in USA with a cheap and powerfull drink if anyone knows how to order georgias in the states please rubenrate this post as useful

Website to get georgia coffee2008/6/11 03:10 Go to www.pacificeastwest.comand you will find georgia coffee there under drinks. It is about 2.50 a can but it is worth it!by Paulrate this post as useful

goergi coffee2008/7/23 16:20 i babelfished that site long time says coka cola wont sell over seas to US.this is japanese-only coffee.look for an exporter like mentioned above.pulled the site from off the can while stationed over in Sasebo.tastes like rinsed trash unless you can find the latte.but like other japanese coffees it will keep you awake.MOST are VERY bitter.the emerald and (blue) seem okay as well.forget who make those.might be jazzrate this post as useful

Got to have!!!2009/1/12 12:50 How addictive is that coffee??? I too was there for years, and to this day, I dream about that coffee!!! Thanks for the tips!!!!by SKI (guest)rate this post as useful

negative on the nicotine2009/4/21 23:40 georgia coffee does not have nicotine in it, and if you want to order some of it, you can go to the georgia website, and click on the english tab. international shipping may cost a little extra, but you can definately order it. we used to order it and get it shipped to the boat while we were out to sea all of the time. good luck fellow georgia navy man thomas (guest)rate this post as useful

where is tab for english on site2009/5/8 12:48 Hey navy man thomas - where is the English tab on the georgia coffee web site? I tried clicking on almost everything and could not find anything that changed the site over to English. If you could point me in the right direction, that would be great!by tina gyokeres (guest)rate this post as useful

Canned coffee has become fairly well known as a Japanese invention, but that might still surprise outsiders who associate the country with its rich traditions in a different kind of brewing: tea. While tea continues to be Japan's most popular beverage, coffee consumption is rising fast.

According to the All Japan Coffee Association, Japanese people downed 462,000 tons of coffee in 2015, a record for the country and its fourth consecutive annual increase. AJCA also reported in 2012 that Japan ranked third globally in coffee consumption among importing countries. Coca-Cola Japan currently sources primarily from Brazil and Colombia, according to Coca-Cola Japan Vice President of Procurement Takao Kajiwara.

Another approach to fresh taste is to find an alternative to the sterilization process, which currently involves heating the coffee to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking down the acidity and boosting its bitterness. The ongoing challenge, Mah says, is to increasingly minimize the time it takes to sterilize the coffee. The shorter sterilization time, the better the taste," he says.

For years, the time consumption and increased cost of cold-brewed coffees presented distribution challenges for large companies. But last year, Coca-Cola Tokyo R&D Company invented two new Georgia Coffee cold-brew products (black and café latte) after inventing a low-temperature extraction process. Mah says the move was a major breakthrough for Japanese companies aiming to compete in the coffee business with fresh-tasting brews.

Beverage companies, including Coca-Cola, are jumping on the bandwagon. Earlier year, Coke teamed with Dunkin' Donuts to launch its own bottled coffee drinks in retail outlets across the U.S. The Gold Peak tea brand also launched a ready-to-drink coffee product line. Both are growing quickly.

Exclusive to Hokkaido as it uses the famous dairy from there. This is a very popular Japanese canned coffee blend that has been around since 1975. It has a sweeter and milkier flavor than most other Georgia Coffee releases. The can is taller than the standard ones too with 35% more content.Drink it hot or cold! To heat, put entire can in pot of hot water for about 3 minutes. Canned coffee is a HUGE market in Japan with many flavor variations and colorful can designs.

Earlier, I published an article about the major Japanese tea manufacturers and their best sellers on the Japanese Green Tea Co. Blog. The article became very popular, so it was only a matter of time before I decided to do the same from a coffee standpoint.

In 1933, Tadao Ueshima - "the father of coffee in Japan" founded UCC (Ueshima Coffee Co.) and established the industry's first roasting plants, production facilities, coffee shops, plantations, and global networks through cooperation and thus established itself as the driving force of coffee culture worldwide.

UCC introduced the world to the very first canned coffee in 1969, and it was such a big success other companies started producing their own canned coffee soon after. (I have written a whole article about UCC here if you are interested in learning about the company)

UCC came up with a delightful milky collection made with their regular coffee. The line includes several flavors, including Caffe Latte, Dark Latte, Matcha Latte, Milk Latte, Strawberry Latte, and Decaf Latte. A decided favorite among many is the Caffe Latte, which is a luxurious mix of sweet milk and freshly ground UCC coffee. It bears a delicious espresso aroma.

BOSS Coffee is owned by Suntory, a Japanese multinational distilling company. BOSS is currently the No.1 canned coffee brand in Japan. The coffee beans are sourced from the best Colombian and Brazilian farms; then, they are brewed and canned in Japan and exported to many countries worldwide, including the U.S.A.

For their Café Au Lait, UCC uses coffee beans primarily from Brazilian farms. The coffee has a full body with a delicious balance of milk and sugar and a silky smooth finish. Perfect for those who love milk in their coffee!

The Rainbow Mountain Blend is a different category altogether when it comes to canned coffee! UCC uses a blend of beans only from Guatemala, a country well-known for its aromatic and unique coffee. The result is a well-balanced aromatic coffee with milk and sugar that has a rich flavor and an extra caffeine kick! Also, a favorite of Alien Jones!

The company is known for its dedication to quality beans and production methods. The brand name is derived from the state of Georgia, U.S.A., the birthplace of Coca-Cola. Some of its most famous coffee drinks include:

The Classic Original is a unique coffee by Georgia as it uses milk exclusively from Hokkaido, a region famous for its dairy. This popular coffee blend has been around since 1975 and is sweeter and milkier than most other Georgia Coffee lines. It also features 35% more content. You can drink the Classic Original hot or cold.

Japan is known for charcoal-grilled or Sumiyaki coffee. Sangaria has infused this distinctly Japanese coffee into its lineup. Using freshly roasted coffee beans, it manages to deliver the rich aroma as well as the deep taste of freshly brewed Sumiyaki coffee. 041b061a72


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